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We offer free webinars to provide support for teachers using the NumWorks graphing calculator. Learn about the unique features of the calculator, create an art masterpiece using Python, engage in a data set, and much more! Register today!

There are no webinars currently planned.

On demand webinars

Theme Duration Date Registered
What's new with version 21? 20 mins 10/01/2023 No
NumWorks and AP Precalculus 15 mins 06/01/2023 No
NumWorks and AP Statistics 15 mins 05/21/2023 No
Preparing for the AP Calculus exam 35 mins 04/11/2023 No
Preparing for the AP Statistics exam 30 mins 04/04/2023 No
Getting Started with NumWorks 30 mins 03/14/2023 No
What's new with version 20? 30 mins 02/21/2023 No
Graphing on the NumWorks calculator 30 mins 02/01/2023 No
Primeiros passos na NumWorks 30 mins 12/07/2022 No
Advanced Features of the NumWorks Calculator 60 mins 02/23/2022 No
O estudo de funções na Calculadora Gráfica NumWorks 90 mins 02/09/2022 No
Introdução à Calculadora Gráfica NumWorks 90 mins 11/24/2021 No