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Created on April 11, 2018

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Ce script contient une fonction qui trace une fractale de Mandelbrot avec un nombre d’itérations donné en argument. Par exemple, pour 20 itérations, demander : mandelbrot(20).

# This script draws a Mandelbrot fractal set
# N_iteration: degree of precision
import kandinsky
def mandelbrot(N_iteration):
  for x in range(320):
    for y in range(222):
# Compute the mandelbrot sequence for the point c = (c_r, c_i) with start value z = (z_r, z_i)
      z = complex(0,0)
# Rescale to fit the drawing screen 320x222
      c = complex(3.5*x/319-2.5, -2.5*y/221+1.25)
      i = 0
      while (i < N_iteration) and abs(z) < 2:
        i = i + 1
        z = z*z+c
# Choose the color of the dot from the Mandelbrot sequence
      rgb = int(255*i/N_iteration)
      col = kandinsky.color(int(rgb),int(rgb*0.75),int(rgb*0.25))
# Draw a pixel colored in 'col' at position (x,y)