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Exemples d’utilisation ici: http://irem.univ-reunion.fr/spip.php?article970

divisors(n) yields the list of the divisors of an integer n;

cd(a,b) (“common divisors”) yields the lists of the common divisors of a and b;

gcd(a,b) yields the greatest of the common divisors

and isPrime(n) is a test for the primality of the integer n.

def inter(l1,l2):
  return [x for x in l1 if x in l2]
def divisors(n):
  return [d for d in range(1,n+1) if n%d==0]
def isPrime(n):
  return len(divisors(n))==2
def cd(a,b):
  return inter(divisors(a),divisors(b))
def gcd(a,b):
  return max(cd(a,b))